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St John’s RC High School, Skating Group

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The Skating Group at St John’s RC High School received funding to enable a small group of young people to attend sessions at the Dundee Ice Arena.  During the period of the project, the young people progressed in their skating ability and confidence on the ice.  They also became very supportive and encouraging of each other within the group.  The group included three Syrian young people and one Iraqi young person –  these four young people found the group a great way to mix with other pupils and helpful for improving their English language skills.

A young person from Rockwell Education Centre also became involved in the project in a peer mentoring capacity, helping to support the young people in the hour free skate after the coaching sessions when the coach is not there.

The group also received an opportunity to learn ball-hockey skills by members of the Dundee Ice Hockey team.  They received six weekly sessions where the Ice Hockey players visited St John’s and taught them ball hockey skills.  They were given the opportunity to go to the Ice Arena and skate with a couple of the players on the team and at the end of the six sessions, they were given a certificate of completion and a family ticket for an ice hockey game!