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Dundee City MSYPs, Sitting Costs

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Dundee Youth Fund provided funding to the Dundee City MSYPs to carry out their work engaging with Dundee’s young people and representing them on a national level at sittings of the Scottish Youth Parliament.  Dundee has four Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament that are each involved in different committees and campaigns.

The MSYPs have so far attended sittings in Edinburgh, Saltcoats and Stranraer, consulting on a number of different issues for each sitting.  They are planning on having a joint trip to the Scottish Parliament with our local Dundee MSPs

Here is an update on the many pieces of work they have been doing:

Dundee MSYPs attended an Anti-bullying Fayre at a local secondary school.  It was a great chance to network with other organisations and talk about what we do and the rights campaign.

Ross Hutton MSYP and Jack Brady MSYP spoke at the ‘John Smith Trust – Young Leaders Event’ at the Apex Hotel about why we were involved in politics, what our roles are and SYP as a whole to young leaders from other western democracies who were visiting Dundee.

Ross Hutton MSYP has been involved with the Dundee City Wide Pupil Council looking into school meals in Dundee ahead of a meeting with the Director of Children and Families Services in Dundee in January 2018.

Ross Hutton MSYP and now Robyn Todd MSYP met with Monica Lennon MSP to discuss period poverty and what we are doing in Dundee to end period poverty. We also presented the findings from our period poverty consultation in Dundee.

All Dundee MSYPs have gone on outreach to every youth work region in Dundee to speak to as many of our constituents as possible – consulting on SYP Right Here, Right Now campaign.  Following our consulations with our constituents, Dundee MSYPs met with 3 Dundee Councillors and discussed a wide variety of issues and have since arranged further annual meeting to further out progress.

We have also met Dundee MP Chris Law and Dundee MSP Joe Fitzpatrick to talk about the Brexit consultation and the SYP rights campaign as a part of Rights Week. At the meeting, we ensured our representatives were signed up to the twitter thunderclap.

Dundee MSYPs met with Shona Robison MSP in March 2018 to exchange local and national updates on the SYP Rights Campaign as well as the Period Poverty Campaign, UNCRC in relation to Age of Criminal Responsibility, SYP’s campaign against ‘mosquito devices’, SYP ‘speak your mind’ campaign on mental health and community policing.

Fantastic work – keep it up!