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ChangeMakers, Boxfit Project

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Boxfit was a 6-month pilot project run by Yusuf Youth Initiative’s ChangeMakers project.  A group of young Muslim women, aged between 16 and 24, participated in weekly boxercise sessions run privately by a fully qualified female instructor.  The project aimed to increase the confidence and personal and social skills of the young BME women involved, while focussing on increasing their awareness of their own physical and mental health.

Boxfit allowed them to dress freely and feel comfortable exercising in a safe space amongst female peers with a female instructor.  The project provided a gym environment that the girls would not normally have access to, with a wide range of specialist equipment.  The project finished with a residential weekend packed full of outdoor physical activities and group bonding sessions.  The feedback from group participants was incredibly positive!

“The project has definitely improved my fitness (I done twice as good from when we started).  This has built my confidence and motivated me to join the gym, which I now go to twice a week before work.  Lastly, the bonding of the group was probably one of the best parts, since we don’t get to see each other often with our busy schedules so seeing the girls every week was great and was the highlight of my week.”

“In a normal gym, I’d have to remain covered up even when profusely sweating and would constantly worry about not looking modest.  But here I am able to work out without worrying about anything and able to dress however I please.”

“I realised working out most days is important to maintain a good and healthy lifestyle and these classes were a boost for me to be able to adopt this lifestyle.”