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Abby Lang, Promotion of CRY Pledge

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Abby Lang is the School Captain at Harris Academy.  As part of her Sixth Year studies, she is undertaking a Scottish Baccalaureate in Science.  Her interdisciplinary project is titled “A Scottish Strategy to Prevent Young Sudden Cardiac Death.”

As part of her project, Abby has been raising awareness of young sudden cardiac death in the media and has attracted television and national newspaper coverage.  At the time of her application, she had met nine Scottish Members of Parliament (MPs) who have signed the Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) pledge for a UK National Strategy for the Prevention of Young Sudden Cardiac Death (find out more at  She also interviewed the national charity’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Steven Cox, who agreed to work with Abby to promote CRY in Scotland.

Abby received funding from Dundee Youth Fund to cover the costs of writing to the remaining 49 politicians who have not signed the pledge.  Abby posted letters and a copy of the pledge to all Scottish MPs, encouraging them to sign up.  As of June 2018, all 59 Scottish MPs have signed the pledge in support of the campaign.  This is an amazing achievement and we are incredibly proud of Abby’s efforts!

You can follow the amazing work on Abby’s Twitter account @AbbyLang__.  Well done Abby!