Fund Closed: Round 6 to open in April 2022. Read announcements.

Application Process

We have a rolling monthly deadline for applications, which is the last day of each month.

Any applications we receive will be assessed together the following month. Our Youth Panel aims to meet on the first or second week of each month to assess the applications we have received during the previous month.

Once we receive your application, we will send you a confirmation email within 2 working days to let you know it has been received.

It may take up to two weeks to review your application and make a decision following the close of the monthly deadline.  If your application is successful, it may take up to a further two weeks for your payment to be processed.

Typical timeline of an application:

  • You submit your application to us in January 2021.
  • The Youth Panel will meet in the second week of February to review all applications received during January.
  • If your application is successful, it can take up to two weeks (towards the end of February) to receive your funding.

The application process

1.  Download an application form.
Please send the completed form to along with any supporting documentation such as images, videos or text. You can also embed these into the end of your application form.

Before sending, please double check:
– Your application meets the criteria for the fund;
– You have included a clear breakdown of costs;
– You have explained the benefits of your project/activity;
– You have included start and end dates in your application, and your project start date is at least 1 month after the deadline date (to allow for processing).

2.  We will contact you when it has been received.
Please let us know if you do not receive this email within 2 working days.

3.  We will contact you to let you know if your application has been progressed.
If your application is progressed it will be assessed at the next Youth Panel meeting.

4.  We will inform you whether your application has been successful or unsuccessful.
If successful, we will ask for your bank details and begin the process of paying the money into your account.  Please note it can take up to 2 weeks for the money to be paid into your account (this is a Dundee City Council process and we have no control over this – we would be grateful if you could let us know when the money has been received or if it has not been received within two weeks).

We will contact you a while after the money has been paid into your account to find out how your project or activity is going, for a short report on the progress of your project and evidence on how the money is being spent.