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Consent agreement: photographs and application information

Updated on Monday 10th August 2020

We often promote and showcase examples of successful projects to help evidence how our funding is helping the young people of Dundee. For example, this may be on our website, in a report to Dundee City Council or in promotional resources which help promote the Dundee Youth Fund.

By applying to the Dundee Youth Fund, I hereby give my full consent for the Dundee Youth Fund to use any photographs and relevant information from my application form, including any photographs and information I send after receiving my funding as evidence of how my grant money has been spent, to be used in promotional materials, on the Dundee Youth Fund website and social media platforms in order to promote the Dundee Youth Fund.

I acknowledge that the Dundee Youth Fund will not use any photographs or information where it is likely that young people, particularly those who are vulnerable, can be easily identified.

You consent to this agreement as part of submitting your application form to us. Should consent wish to be withdrawn, please contact James Thomson (Project Leader) as soon as possible after submitting your application at