Criteria, Priorities and Funding Information

Round 4 now open: Changes have been made to the application process and criteria.
Please check this information before submitting your application.

Criteria for Applications

Applications are welcome from both individuals and groups.  The criteria are as follows:

1) Eligibility

For Individual Applications:

Age and Location
You should be a young person between the age of 10 and 26.  You must either live, work or study in Dundee.  Your address should include a postcode from the Dundee City area.

Benefit Provided
Your activity or project must benefit young people aged 10-26 living in Dundee (this can be one or more young people within this age range).

Number of Submissions

Each individual can apply up to twice in one financial year (April 2019 to March 2020).

For Group Applications:

It is not a requirement that your organisation or group is based in Dundee so long as your project or activity provides a benefit to Dundee’s young people.

Benefit Provided
Your activity or project must benefit young people aged 10-26 living in Dundee (this can be one or more young people within this age range).

Number of Submissions

Each group or organisation can apply only once in one financial year (April 2019 to March 2020).

Youth Involvement

You must evidence how young people in your group have been involved in the application process or provide a valid reason for why this is not possible.  Please note that poor planning or rushing your application due to an approaching deadline are not valid reasons.

2) Our Priorities

Your application must aim to achieve one or more of the following in relation to Dundee’s young people:

  • Increase employability skills;
  • Increase awareness and support of physical and mental health;
  • Develop personal and social skills;
  • Develop entrepreneurial skills and social enterprises;
  • Encourage young people to be active;
  • Encourage young people to take care of the natural environment;
  • Promote and enable equal access to opportunities.

3) Project or Activity Start and End Dates

The starting date of your project or activity must be at least one calendar month after the deadline date.  For example, if you are applying in May and the deadline for applications is the last day of May (Friday 31st May 2019) then your project or activity must begin no earlier than Sunday 30th June 2019.  This is for administrative reasons so please keep this in mind if your project has a short or urgent timescale.  Please also tell us when you expect your project or activity to finish.

4) Provide Detail

Your application should be as detailed as possible.  We need to know:

  • Some information about your organisation;
  • Information about your planned project or activity;
  • What methods you used to determine the need for your project or activity and evidence of this;
  • A clear breakdown of how you aim to spend the money.

Your breakdown should be a clear item-by-item list of what you intend to spend the money on, for example:

A4 Printing Paper          3 x £4.99       = £14.97       http://www.stationary.web/officesupplies/paper/a4-white.html
HB Pencils (Pack of 30)    1 x £5.30       = £ 5.30

                                     Total = £20.27

5) Equality Statement

The Dundee Youth Fund will reject any applications that seek to discriminate or exclude individuals based on their race, religion, sexual orientation, academic ability, disability, gender, social status, financial status or political belief.

6) What We Do Not Fund

Notes for Staff Costs

The fund does not cover staff costs or wages of any kind.

Notes for In-School Projects

In November 2018, the Youth Panel agreed that any primary or secondary school staff applying to the fund for projects relating to attainment should first be directed to their Head Teacher to apply for Pupil Equity Funding from their school.  A total of £4,980,840 is allocated to Dundee City for 2018-19.  Allocations for individual schools and more information can be found on the Scottish Government website.

Additionally, the fund does not cover:

  • Tuition or accommodation fees for studying abroad or international exchanges;
  • Personal expenses (ie. day to day food, electricity and other bills).

Unsuccessful Applications

All applications are assessed by our Youth Panel who reserve the right to refuse any application.  Should your application be unsuccessful, this may be for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. Your application contains insufficient information for the Youth Panel to make an informed decision;
  2. Your application does not meet the criteria set for this fund;
  3. You have already applied once (organisations) or twice (individuals) to the fund this financial year;
  4. There are insufficient funds available during this financial year to fund your project;
  5. You have not made clear what the benefit will be as a result of your activity or project;
  6. Your activity or project does not meet our Equality Statement;
  7. The Youth Panel has made a decision to not fund your application (we receive many applications throughout the year and simply cannot fund them all).

Funding Available

There are three levels of funding you can apply for:

Piggy Bank:  Small grants up to £500
Money Box:  Medium grants between £501 and £2000
The Vault:  Large grants between £2001 and £5000

There is a total of £23,612 available for Round 4.

Updated June 2019 – the information on this page is subject to change.